Pine Valley 40mm thick £23.68 per sqm

Pine Valley


Pine Valley

Price per Sqm: 23.68 (Including VAT at 20%)

Width:from 2M to 4M
Length:from 1M



Pine Valley

40mm thick multi colour for a more realistic look with green curls to base
Ideal for Garden, Balconys and Events
Pet friendly, easily cleaned with a garden hose and detergent
UV protection

Pile material: 100% PE

Pine Valley - Jade

Looking for the best of the best?

Take a close look to Pine Valley!

Close your eyes and imagine… your garden covered with this premium, lush and freshly perfectly-kept grass which feels delightful to walk
on with bare feet…

Not easy to describe this... you need to feel it!

Pine Valley has an incredible realistic natural touch and appearance. It is soft and dense, provides good resilience, and it comes in three colors.
With an extended guarantee, you can be assured that it will keep its great looks for the years to come.

Definitely a long-term investment with an incredible return.

Pile height: 40 mm

Total height: 42 mm

Pile weight: 1550 grams sqm

Total weight: 2600 grams sqm

Backing: Marine

Widths: 200 / 400 cm