Grass Pegs £3.95 for 20

Grass Pegs 3.95 for 20
Grass pegs

To secure edges where required

20 per pack U Shaped 20 per pack 150mm long

Artificial Grass Cleaner £8.95 per bottle

Artificial Grass Cleaner 8.95 per bottle

Adhesive £5.95 per tube

Adhesive 5.95 per tube
Adhesive to be used with joining tape
One tube is required for every 3 mtr worth of join

Joining Tape £0.75 per mtr

Joining Tape 0.75 per mtr
To join artificial grass, used to paste adhesive on

Membrane £0.75p per sqm

Membrane 0.75p per sqm
Weed Membrane

Underlay £1.75 per sqm

Underlay 1.75 per sqm
Underlay comes in roll size 1.2m x 12m total of 14.4 sqm, 6mm thick
Price £1.75 sqm

the lightweight material means not only a breeze to lift and move around, but also quick and easy to cut and install – all of which saves time and effort during installation.
A greener future - as it’s 100% recyclable, the closed cell polyethylene foam is kinder to the environment in the long run